FreerideTestival equipment-test

FreerideTestival equipment-test

The biggest freeride equipment test in the Alps that is free of charge allows you to put the latest equipment provided by approximately 50 brands through their paces without any obligation or spending money. You might find your favorite or the must-have article for next season within a range of 250 products taken of the ski and snowboard industry including their accessories. Have a look at the new material that the industry has in stock and examine the capacities of the latest development and innovation.

On Saturday and Sunday, you can lend the equipment between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. each. You will only be asked to hand in your ID or driver’s license as a deposit before you start testing – for free!

Just register in advance via our online registration system or directly at the Testival area. The latter might keep you waiting for some time.


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