Frequently asked questions and their answers


What can I actually do at FreerideTestival presented by BMW xDrive?

The FreerideTestival is the biggest freeride test event for end consumers in the alps. These weekends allow you to test the latest freeride equipment of popular brands for free and without any obligation. In addition, the event offers an extensive programme and there will be many famous freeride stars at each of the tour stops.

A lot of different side events will be taking place the whole day, including safety training, guided tours, courses to learn the correct riding technique and line and many more. You can get information about the best freeride runs over a drink, listening to music. The free BMW xDrive shuttle service provides brand new X3 models to take you from the end of the best freeride runs back to the lifts in a comfortable way.

None of the offers are obligatory in any way. You decide what you want to or don’t want to do.


How much does the participation at FreerideTestival presented by BMW xDrive cost?

Participating at the FreerideTestival is basically free of charges. This includes the equipment test, SAAC avalanche quickies, the BMW xDrive shuttle service as well as socializing in the ABS-Airbag Testival Lounge. Only a few side events, such as guided tours, involve costs. These can be paid either in advance when you register or directly at the Testival. For further information concerning the general program, have a look at the web pages of the individual tour stops.


Do I have to register for the equipment test in advance?

In order to test equipment or to participate at side events, you need a Testival wristband. Since nobody enjoys queueing and waiting for a long time (especially when 20 inches of fresh snow are waiting for you on the mountains), we recommend to register online in advance, which is free and without any obligation. This way, you will receive your wristband directly at every exhibitors’ marquee in the event area.

But don’t worry: You can test equipment without having registered in advance as well. You can register right in the event area where you will find registration forms everywhere. In this case, however, you might be supposed to wait for some time.

Klick HERE for more information about the registration

Caution: Remember to bring your ID or driving license. We will be collecting these as a deposit for the test equipment.


What do I have to do at the FreerideTestival?

  1. First of all, you have to submit a printed version of your Testival ticket if you have registered online, or the filled out registration form that you get in the Testival area. Then you will get a Testival wristband, which is available at each exhibitor’s marquee in the event area.
  2. Choose which piece of equipment from which exhibitors you want to test.
  3. Hand in your ID or driving license and you can directly take the test material of your choice.


How can I register for the side events?

Since there is a limited number of spots available for the side events, we recommend to register for these in advance as well. You can do so either online on our website or sometimes directly on the organizer’s website. You can find more information about this on the web pages of the corresponding tour stops. Unless side events are full before the actual start of the Testival, it is also possible to register directly at the event. However, we hope you understand that we cannot guarantee a spot.

Klick HERE for more information about the registration


Caution: If you can’t make it to the FreerideTestival for some reason, please cancel your registration immediately. Only this way, other people interested can be given the possibility to take your spot.


How much skill do I need to participate at the FreerideTestival?

Generally speaking, there are no rules regarding your freeride skills. The FreerideTestival is particularly aimed at beginners. So if you just want to try skiing in powder snow or want to inform yourself about the latest equipment, the FreerideTestival is your perfect match. Each exhibitor provides expertise in the subject and would be happy to give you valuable advice.

You should, however, keep in mind that as soon as you leave the marked and secured slopes that are open to the public, you yourself are responsible for your own safety. Therefore, we recommend to absolute beginners to participate at the guided tours and/or different courses, which we offer in cooperation with local ski schools at each tour stop. You can find more information about this on the web pages of each tour stop.


Do I actually need my own equipment?

Generally speaking, you should bring your entire equipment. Although there will be sufficient test material offered (skis, snowboards, backpacks, avalanche transceiver equipment, etc.), we cannot guarantee their availability. While you are testing equipment, you can leave your own equipment at the exhibitor’s spot.


Which brands will be exhibiting at the FreerideTestival?

Just have a look at the ‘exhibitors’ web page to find out which brand will be exhibiting at which tour stop. The list is continually growing, since more and more exhibitors are participating.


How does the BMW xDrive shuttle service work?

The BMW xDrive shuttle service is a unique offer that only exists during the FreerideTestivals. Unfortunately, many freeride runs do not end directly at the lift stations, which forces freeriders to walk long ways back. The shuttle service is the perfect solution to this problem: the new X3 vehicles will be constantly commuting from the ends of previously agreed pickup points to the nearest lifts and to the event area. And the best part about that: you do not need to spend a dime.


What exactly is the ABS-Airbag Testival Lounge?

You would like to relax for a moment or finish off a great day of freeriding? In that case, you could pay the ABS-Airbag Testival Lounge a visit. Here you can share your freeride adventures within a casual environment over a (free) drink listening to good music. Even the professional athletes of ABS, BMW and Peak Performance will be there and they will be happy to provide you with freeride tips.


At a glance: Which advantages will FreerideTestival presented by BMW xDrive bring?

  • It is the biggest freeride test event in the Alps. Therefore, the most well-known brands of the freeride scene will be there.
  • You can test the latest equipment, even that of 2019/2020 – as is the case at the tour stops in March, for free and without any obligation.
  • Everybody is allowed to participate, whether you are amateur or professional, whether you are only just beginning or very experienced already.
  • You will be given the possibility to socialize with representatives of a brand, athletes of the brands exhibiting, athletes of BMW, ABS and many more as well as other freeride enthusiasts. This way, you will be provided with valuable advice and information concerning material, riding technique and line, etc.
  • You will be provided with free BMW xDrive shuttle service.
  • Our ABS-Airbag Testival Lounge welcomes you to relax over a drink, listening to good music.
  • You can participate at many interesting and valuable side events for all levels.
  • There are no obligations concerning the program, which makes you flexible at any time.




You will be moving on high alpine terrain during the FreerideTestival. As soon as you leave the marked and secured area, you yourself are responsible for your own safety. So please keep yourself up to date about weather and avalanche conditions or talk to a professional guide.


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